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Is Your WordPress Site Safe?

Security is the #1 Flaw in Most websites

WordPress developers roll out numerous updates almost weekly. And every time WP updates, many of the plugins you have on your website need to be updated to keep up with the changes (This is one way you can tell if a plugin you are thinking of implementing is safe, how often have they updated it and when was the last time it was updated).

Don't get me wrong, Plugins are amazing little snippets of code that are designed to do one thing and they (usually) do it quite well. But they need to be kept up to date along with your WordPress core code. As code gets more intricate, coders and hackers find more sneaky ways to get around the code and dig their way into your site.

A hacker could simply place a bit of code on your site that tracks every keystroke you make on your keyboard, or they could upload a virus, trojan ransomware or worm that would infect the system of every visitor that comes to your website. Or, worse yet, they could install a bot that would automatically use your server and bandwidth to broadcast emails to thousands that contains a virus or ransomware (that can be traced back to your domain blacklisting you from search engines and getting your entire account shutdown! But we have the answer.....